Senior Spotlight: Claudia Earles

thumbnail_Grad 2018 IMG_0024Today’s Senior in the Spotlight is Claudia Earles. She is a girl on the move and has a ton of plans for after graduation. First, on her list, she plans to go to college at Truett McConnell in North Georgia and major in Biology. When she finishes those four years, she plans to get her Masters degree in Marine Biology and become a researcher. She has her eyes set on an internship at the Georgia Aquarium. She is excited about her plans and can’t wait to get started pursuing her goals.  

She says her favorite high school memory is when she traveled to Costa Rica in ninth grade, where she learned to scuba dive, hiked volcanoes, and went on several adventures. Claudia says she will miss the homeschool community and all of her friends she’s made along the way. She is a little nervous about the future because she says that while she believes herself to be independent, the thought of testing that belief doesn’t appeal to her. And bills. Bills aren’t fun either. With that being said, she can’t wait to make new friends and learn new things. And to experience all the things in her chosen field and life in general.

Claudia’s advice for juniors: “Don’t slack like me (just kidding, Mama C. My homework is always done ;)), enjoy your friends, work hard, and do not fail your ACT.”

thumbnail_ClaudiaOne of her friends from co-op says that she met Claudia about two years ago at a Halloween party. They’ve been friends ever since. Her favorite memories with Claudia is discussing their favorite fandoms, such as Harry Potter, during lunch. Her advice for Claudia is to not do anything too crazy and enjoy her life to the fullest.

Unlike a lot of homeschoolers, Claudia is relatively new to the homeschool world. She took the scenic route to homeschooling by way of public school, then private school,  and finally landing with homeschool in 9th grade. She had been previously diagnosed with ADHD and wanted to come off her meds. Together with the support of her Mama C, they decided to give homeschooling a shot in an effort to help her to come off ADHD meds. As a result, the found out that she wasn’t actually ADHD at all! She and her family credit the opportunity to homeschool as a way of finding out this vital information.

Claudia is a dearly beloved child and when asked her Mama C said she would miss her daily smiles and hugs. Aawwww…

Her Mama C has played a vital role in Claudia’s life and she has these parting word for her:

Put God first: Praise and thank God. Read the Bible. Pray. Seek guidance, wisdom, and God’s will. Put others second: Help others.  Encourage others. Show others love and kindness. Put yourself third: (Don’t forget yourself)  Eat healthily. Continue to learn. Exercise. Read. Smile.”

Great advice Mama C! Thank you!

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