2018/19 Book List

Tutors (click on tutors name for link to curriculum)

Kim Bullard- Arboretum Biology and Anatomy- Wednesdays

Janice Bryan- Grove Math and Science

Amy Camp- Arboretum Math

Mary Fields- Art and Grove Math

Jessica Folds- Kindergarten and Greenhouse Geography/History

Michelle Gilliard- Greenhouse Spelling

Dawn Hays- Grove ELA

Michael Hays- Arboretum Spanish

Elizabeth Hewett- Greenhouse ELA

Carol Hurtado- Greenhouse ELA

Kathy Hutto- Arboretum Biology and World Lit.

Dawn May- Greenhouse Spelling and Math

Joy Pemberton- Greenhouse Math and Science

Jim Rodgers- Grove & Arboretum Computer Science

Cassi Wisener- Grove/ Arboretum History and Journalism

Kelly VanLaarhoven- Archery

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