Senior Spotlight: Breana Daniel


Breana Daniel will be one of the 10 graduates of the 2018 class. She has been homeschooled all her life and currently attends Fountain Church. She will be pursuing a degree in nursing in the spring.

Mandy Daniel has homeschooled four of her five children so far. “Breana has always been the second momma at our house so I will miss the support she adds there, but I cherish more and more the times when everyone is at home together. The next phase of her life will take her away from the house even more and that void will be noticeable. Everyone holds their own place in our home.”

image1.jpgAs her sister, my words of advice are FOCUS. Focus on what’s important; Your relationship with God, your grades, and your relationships with people. This is my advice to all seniors. I don’t have just one fond memory with Breana, every day we find a new way to laugh and enjoy one another’s stories and company. I can remember equally air-headed moments between the two of us that we could sit and laugh at for hours. Bre, I hope you follow God over all things.

Emily Fain, another senior of the homeschool group, is Breana’s best friend and asked me to include this heartfelt message. “Bre, thank you for the past four years of friendship. I will always cherish the laughs I have had with you, cause there have been many. Always remember I’ll always be there for you and I’ll always tell you what I really think. Don’t stress, keep it together, you got this! I love you and I am always just a phone call away!”

Breana is loyal and strong, beautiful and kind, she can be stubborn but it all works out in her favor. I’ve enjoyed being around Breana for all of my schooling and all of my life. Watching her grow in the Lord and her education has been and blessing and a privileged. Her smiles and her laugh will be missed as she moves on and pursues her future.

Caitlyn Daniel

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