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 Why Archery?

Archery is a sport that challenges you both physically and mentally. More than just a ‘point-and-shoot’ activity, archery is a true sport that develops self-discipline, strength, and mental focus. However, a wonderful

part of archery is that anyone can participate and excel in it. It does not require students to be athletically gifted. In fact, the next Olympic Champion can really come from anyone who is passionate about archery. In competition, there are also opportunities for archers to compete individually as well as in teams. So from your best school athlete to the physically challenged children — all can enjoy and benefit from this age-old sport.

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Benefits of Archery
The mental aspect of the sport is an excellent way to

• Increase concentration
• Develop self-discipline
   Build self-esteem

The physical aspect of the sport is an excellent way to:

• Develop upper body strength

• Improve hand-eye coordination

• Hone fine motor skills

Is Archery Safe?

You bet! Statistically, archery is one of the safest sports. In a study conducted by the Archery Trade Association, archery was found to have one of the lowest injury rates right next to tennis and bowling. To read the full publication click Is Archery a Safe Sport? Yes!

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This is possible because rules and procedures are in place that keep everyone safe. Through our program, school coaches are trained to run safe and fun archery programs at their school. They learn how to setup their range properly, enforce the Range Commands, and teach our Curriculum. Before students even touch a bow, they must go through a series of drills and activities with various training aids including form straps and stretch bands. Not only does this prepare them with proper archery technique, but it also teaches them to be disciplined in following the range rules and protocols.


USA ARCHERY:  All participating organizations are covered under the Easton Foundations Insurance Policy.

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Mission Statement: 

Hit the Mark in ARCHERY for the purpose of Glorifying Christ in the sport of archery by utilizing National Archery in School Program (N.A.S.P) and the USA Archery Program to educate and train kids (eventually families) by introducing them to organized archery. Whether your child is just interested in archery for fun or aspires to be the next World Champion we can help them on the path to their goals.


More details to follow. 

Contact: Kelly VanLaarhoven –

coachv22@hotmail.com or 706-957-9090

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