The Arboretum

Olive Plants high schoolers are challenged in the Arboretum. Classes are taught at a rigorous and college-preparatory pace and cover a full-credit’s worth of content. Our high school tutors hold degrees in related fields and are experienced classroom instructors.


Each year we offer most high school maths, at least 1 high school level science with lab, an English course, and one course for credit in Social Studies. High school students also have elective options (subject to change each year) including Spanish, debate, journalism, and computer science.

In 2017-18 we will add Summit Ministries’ Worldview: Understanding the Times to our curriculum. Summit has long been the gold standard in philosophy and worldview instruction and now they have updated their curriculum to include a digital format that will enhance the home learning and classroom experience!


Olive Plants also offers NASP Archery for students in 6th-12th grades!


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