New I.E.W. and Analytical Grammar Class Structure for 2018-19 School Year


What is I.E.W.? It is a curriculum from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. The goal of I.E.W. is to incorporate the four language arts; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Olive Plants will be featuring this valuable class for the 2018-19 school year and can be used as your language arts course for the year. This class will help prepare your student for high school and college level writing, and let’s be honest; You can never prepare for college too early!

Mrs. Dawn Hays will be teaching I.E.W. and she is a certified I.E.W. instructor.

aff thumbStarting in 5th grade, the Squires, the class gears more toward basic level composition and writing with an introduction to the I.E.W. curriculum which they will build off of for years to come. They begin with their compositional book All Things Fun & Fascinating. Here your student will be introduced to I.E.W. concepts like Banned Words, Dress Up Words, and KWO’s (Key Word Outline).



KnightsThe Knights, 6th and 7th grade, will continue the building steps from the squires. This class will utilize I.E.W. curriculum called“World History-Based Writing Lessons” and will fit nicely with the history class being offered for the same grade levels.


RoyalsThe Royals, 8th grade, base their curriculum off I.E.W. principles, by the time they are done they will definitely be prepared for High School grammar writing and be taking a step in the right direction for Dual Enrollment!

I.E.W. will be held on Mondays [times of classes here] and will be mostly focused on compositional writing.

AGIn addition, Mrs. Dawn will be holding an Analytical Grammar class, which is obviously a grammar class, that will be held on Wednesdays [times of classes]. Previously Mr.s Dawn held Analytical Grammar and I.E.W. in the same class but has opted to separate these subjects so her classes can spend more time on writing or grammar. However, please note that BOTH classes are important for your student’s success in I.E.W.

For more information about I.E.W. or any class, Olive Plants offers please feel free to message us on Facebook!

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