Audrey Anthony

As this year comes to a closing, Audrey Anthony is walking her final steps towards graduation. Audrey is one of our 2018 graduates from Olive plants co-op. She is a kind girl with a strong heart and a love for all those she comes across. She knows that God will lead her through this life and the many places she will go!

Audrey plans to finish out her high school year and head off to the Southern Union campus, where she will major in cosmetology, in hopes of one day opening up her own salon. Of course, Audrey knows she will miss her friends and all the snacks and random conversations in Spanish class but, moving on to this new chapter in life can come with some exciting, but also scary times. Like any college kid fresh out of high school, Audrey says she fears having to handle “Adult stuff” and figuring it all out, and as she prepares to go on, she leaves next year’s seniors with this word of advice, “It’s all going to go by fast, don’t rush it. You’re going to miss this, so enjoy it while it lasts.”

Just like any other parent of a graduate, this time can be an emotional roller coaster. All the memories come rushing back, and they leave you thinking, “Huh, it’s like they were making macaroni necklaces and singing along to sesame street yesterday.” For Kevin Anthony, being a passionate fisher, he loves the memory of Audrey and her best friend, Harlee, at the Coosa. There they caught their first gar and Kevin said, “What are ya’ll gonna do with that?” To which they replied, “We gone eat it!”


As they threw it back. And through all the fun times, Kevin has watched his little girl, grow up and take on the world. As she leaves, Kevin has left her with some words of wisdom to carry with her throughout life. “Always put God first in your life. Continue to be yourself, loving, kind, giving, and beautiful inside and out. Keep striving for the highest. I know you will go the places God leads you.”

Growing up, Audrey and Harlee were the best of friends. Many years of slumber parties, family trips, and karaoke nights later, they are still like two peas in a pod. The memory that came to mind about Audrey, when Harlee was asked, was when they were young, and they were riding together in their church’s van and enjoying a nice pen vs. caprisun straw battle in the back seat. Which we know never turns out good, but as Harlee was ready to end the torturous battle, the car hit a bump, which resulted in the caprisun straw making its way into Audrey’s nose. I guess you could say Harlee was the real winner, but maybe not so much the third party, who ended up having to use her shirt to stop Audrey from bleeding out through her nostril.

And as Audrey has now reached the end of this journey, she is already preparing for the next! The crazy, fun, and challenging years of elementary, middle, and high school have all led up to this moment. One day you will look back and miss it, but the things God has planned for your future is bright! Good luck Audrey!

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