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Composition Level 1 and Literature Units for 5th Graders

Mondays, 10:25-11:55 a.m. (2nd Period)

Tuition: $400 for the 32-week course + $10/semester supply fee; payable in 10 installments; cash discount available

· Pretesting required.


Main text: All Things Fun and Fascinating, IEW, student text only
Treasure Island (Stevenson)
Swiss Family Robinson (Scheszka)
The Secret Garden (Hodgson)
During the 2nd semester, we will cover biographies from the 10 Boys and 10 Girls (Lightkeepers) series. I will let you know more about that closer to that time period, but just know there will be one more book to buy.
Here is a link to one of the books for you to consider, but please do not buy yet.
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