Mrs. Cassi Wisener

 cassi wisener Mrs. Cassi Wisener holds a B.S. in TV Broadcasting from Toccoa Falls College.  She has over 15 years of experience working in broadcasting, advertising, and marketing. This is her 4th year homeschooling her 2 boys Jacob and Caleb. Mrs. Cassi is quoted as saying, “We have done the public school, private school, homeschool route and can’t believe we waited so long to homeschool, but now that we have we can’t imagine school any other way!” Mrs. Cassi loves teaching and is so thankful that she can continue using her degree.

She is an avid reader, loves to travel and find new and interesting cuisines along the way, has an insatiable appetite for history and dearly loves her pit-bull “puppies”, Ellie May Clampett and Roscoe P Coletrain.


Mrs. Cassi’s Courses for 2018-19

Biblical History (Mystery of History Volume 1) (7/8 Grade)

World History (9th-12th grades)

Journalism (9th-12th grades)

Please contact Mrs. Cassi with any questions you may have about her classes at
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