Analytical Grammar


This course consists of three seasons. The 1st and 2nd Seasons teach parsing and diagramming so that students develop the ability to recognize the function and structure of the English language and the relationship among words. Season 3 focuses on mechanics. After students have developed the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct the grammatical elements of a large variety of English sentence patterns, they are prepared to punctuate without guessing. AG offers a systematic approach to understanding punctuation and the grammar of English.

Wednesdays, exact times TBD (3 one-hour classes to dismiss before 3:15 p.m.)

Students enrolled in Knights (7th graders only) or Royals OR who will continue from a previous year: $100 per season (year); payable in 10 installments; no further discount available

· For all classes the Analytical Grammar text, Student Book only is required. · A pre-printed book may be bought here:|1004860

· AG also offers a digital copy that you can purchase here:

· Either version of the book is acceptable. Please note that the digital version will require you to print many pages.

· Please also note that this book will be used for 3 years of instruction. You buy the book before you begin Season 1 and use the same book for 2 and 3.

· Pretesting is required for all new students.

· Continuing students will be placed based on successful completion of the previous season.


$200 per season (year); payable in 10 installments;




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