Senior Spotlight: Knox Evert

17553578_10155171074438637_4562227365233745204_n-e1526078258699.jpgToday the spotlight is on Knox Evert, son of David and Molly Evert. Knox has been homeschooled from the beginning and will attend Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi in the fall. He will major in business with a concentration in marketing and has a bright future ahead of him.

Knox has been a valuable member of LaFayette Christian School’s football team. In fact, his favorite high school memory is when LCS won the state championship in 2015. “It was something we had been working toward for a long time,” he stated. “It was just super rewarding.”

His dad is proud of him for his dedication and determination on and off the field. “One thing I appreciate about Knox is that he is always at his best when the stakes are the highest. His sophomore year football season the team were underdogs in the playoffs, facing an undefeated defending champion on their home field. Even though he was a first-year starter and an underclassman, Knox played one of the best games of his football career and helped earn a victory that night and then a state title one week later.”

dsc_0202.jpgWhen he leaves for college in August, he will miss his family, friends and tutors who have taught him diligently. He will also miss his mother who has “done just a fantastic job teaching me and caring for me for the last eighteen years of my life.”

Knox is ready to get to work and take Belhaven by storm. “I am excited to push my limits. I believe that pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone helps you become a better—or at least a more efficient—version of yourself. That is what I am looking forward to.” However, his strong work ethic can also cause him to miss the “little things.” His biggest fear is that “I will get too caught up with what my plans are and not remember to enjoy the moment. Sometimes you can think so much about the future you take the moment you are in for granted.”

To the Class of 2019, he offers this advice:

My advice to the Juniors is don’t wish away what you have in hopes of

something better…. You may be so ready to be done with high school

and stuff. I get it. I have been there. But enjoy the moment…take time to

sit there and just soak in the moment—to really feel the gravity and the

beauty of what’s happening right now in your life, because once it’s gone,

it never comes back. I’ll say it again—it NEVER comes back.

This leads into my second piece of advice in regard to the future…always

be thinking about what choices you will regret making and what choices you

will regret not making, not just in the next day, but months and years from now.

And I’m not saying that you should just “YOLO” but I’m saying that you should

minimize your regrets. One moment of bravery, discernment, or reflection can

save you weeks, months, or years of trying to shake your regrets and can change

your life forever. Because once you have a regret you can’t undo it. You can’t

go back. So in times of fear, be bold. In times of confusion, sit down and think.

In times of sadness and regret, think about the choices you have made and

seek to improve and become a stronger person. Every trial is a lesson and

every day provides an opportunity to better yourself. It’s up to you to live your

life, so go live it bravely.

Brave words, from a brave person! Likewise, Knox, we challenge you to continue to be bold and brave and live for the Lord. We wish you all the best.


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