Senior Spotlight: Chris Woody

cw2Today’s senior spotlight focuses on the one and only Chris Woody. Although Chris only joined Olive Plants last year, he has become an integral and irreplaceable member of our community. Planning to move to Atlanta to work in construction, Chris’s rather impressive manual skills present a bright future for him as he strives to make the world a better place in the vocational calling God has given him.

His parents describe Chris as having a heart of gold, as he has proven to all of us with his gracious servitude. They recount a time when Chris’s great-grandparents needed some wiring run in their attic for an alarm system and after a long day at school, he spent his evening crawling around in the heat just to help them. Chris is very fortunate because not only did he help them, but he also gained memories and life lessons that will stay with him forever.

cw3Chris is ecstatic about being able to become self-reliant and responsible for the necessary things of life. Although nervous about aspects of adult life, he knows that God is always with him wherever he goes and will continue to stay with him with every new challenge. “The future is frightening,” he said, “but also exciting.”

Chris has left quite the impression on our president, too. “Chris has worked very hard during his two years here at Olive Plants,” said Mrs. Dawn Hays. “He works a full-time job yet completes his assignments and earns his grades. He has a very strong work ethic and admirable goals for his future that exemplify what the Olive Plants brand is all about. Psalm 128 teaches us that those who fear the Lord and work hard at what they are called to do will be blessed. ‘He will eat the fruit of his labor’ and that is commended. I love to hear a young man talk about working hard and providing for a future family—something that so many fail to consider when venturing out on their own for the first time. I am thankful those things are on your mind, Chris. Lead that family in the Lord, and you will never go wrong and will always have my respect and support.”

cw1When asked what advice Chris would give to future seniors, Chris simply listed the things he believed most important. “Do your work, be responsible and respectful, and serve God. Do those things, and life is going to be ok.” These are words I believe everyone can learn from. Chris intends to apply these truths throughout his life. Although he looks forward to enjoying the freedoms of being an adult, Chris is ready to work hard and make life as great for others as he makes it for us.

Thank you, Chris, for your hard work and dedication! We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!

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