Senior Spotlight: Kenton Williams

The Senior in the spotlight this week is Kenton Williams. He has been a wonderful part of the co-op family and will be missed by many students and teachers after he graduates. Mrs. Amy, his math teacher, will probably miss him most of all. “Kenton Williams is such a fun-loving and sincere guy. He is kind and compassionate and genuinely cares about people and his teachers. It has been my joy to teach him the past two years.”

He currently has a job at Barronton Automotive, and plans to continue in that job after graduation, then head to DeVry University to major in Robotics. He says it will be strange not having to worry about doing his schoolwork every day, but something tells me he will get used to it pretty fast. The thought of dealing with adult money problems worries him about the future, but the thought of being able to buy new toys, such as a brand spanking new Dodge Cummins, makes the stress ease a little. He cannot wait to start his own family someday and is looking forward to the direction God takes his life. He says he is just trying to be exactly who God created him to be and to continue to trust God’s words over his life.


One of his favorite high school memories is the day he and his best friend, senior Chris Woody, started Olive Plants. “Everyone was just so nice to us.” says Kenton. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that they have both made co-op a brighter place. One of my favorite memories of class with Kenton was definitely geometry with Mrs. Amy. One of the other students would bring me dried coconut or other random snacks every week and Kenton would just look at me like I was crazy for eating something like that. I eventually got him to try it, and with a grimace on his face, he said, “You can keep all of that on YOUR side of the table.”

29715022_809442329239511_6743049314135703552_n(1)Mrs. Williams says that as a child, Kenton was always her “little cautious one.” And when asked her favorite memory of Kenton, his mom said her favorite, though hard to choose, would have to be when she and her husband surprised Kenton with his truck. “Just the excitement on his face. He had no idea and we kept telling him to come outside, and when he walked out, just the excitement. I won’t ever forget that face.”


His advice for juniors is to not rush senior year by so quickly, it is over before you know it. Kenton, there are a few people who have some words and advice for you as well.

“Kenton, I hope you will always keep that positive attitude with you as you continue on this journey called life. Kindness and respect go farther than any knowledge and skill. Always seek the Lord for guidance. You have the potential to achieve your dreams, and I’m looking forward to watching it happen.” – Mrs. Amy

“Kenton will be surprised to read this, I think, but he will always be one of my most memorable students. He is a really kind young man with an amiable nature, and having him in my classroom has been an honor. Don’t stop challenging yourself, Kenton. You have accomplished so much in the two years I have known you, and I am so proud of you. I will always be rooting for you!” – Mrs. Dawn

“First and foremost, put God first in everything that you do. Always put forth 100 percent effort. Be kind to the people around you and continue to help others. Your dad and I are so proud of you and your accomplishments, and we know you will succeed in everything8194-MMS-1524523148280-attachment1-output that you set your mind to.” – Mrs. Williams


We’re all very proud and excited to see the things you do in life, Kenton. Like, Mrs. Dawn said, WE will always be rooting for you!

Congratulations Class of 2018!                                       Harlee Sims


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