Senior Spotlight: Andrew Hurtado

Andrew Hurtado, 18, is one of our many seniors this year at Olive Plants Co-op. Upon graduation, he will attend Pensacola Christian College as a graphic design major. He will also pursue a minor in web development. He strives every day to make the world a better place with his technological prowess, constant up-beat personality, and superior Spades skills. Andrew senior 2.jpg

According to his mother, Andrew has always spread his personal joy with everyone around him, greeting everyone he met with a wave, big smile, and loud “Hello!” Although he has matured and become more reserved, Andrew always produces a sense of ease and joy to everyone he meets.

His parents recall one humorous instance when, on a plane to Bolivia, young Andrew announced loudly, “We’re going down!” as the plane began a descent down a runway. The ladies in front of him were not amused by his outburst.

He states that he will miss the extra sleep hours that come with homeschooling but is extremely excited about what the future holds. Andrew looks forward to being able to be self-supporting and responsible. He looks forward to job hunting and being able to buy what he wants and needs.


Andrew olive plantsAs Andrew moves forward in life, his parents are just as excited as he is to see what the Lord has in store for him. They encourage him with I Chronicles 16:11, “Seek the Lord and his strength. Seek Him constantly.” As for the class of 2019, Andrew wants them to know that grades and test scores aren’t as intimidating or life-changing as they may seem. He encourages others not to stress so much on the big things and enjoy the little things of life. Also, he advises everyone not to spend their money all in one place, especially on peanuts.

We wish Andrew the best in all he may do in the future. Well done and God bless!

Written By:   Ben Hays

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